If you are a hardcore gamer with a particular fondness for the XBox, then chances are you’ve enrolled in the Microsoft Preview Program. If not, you – like many others – will have to sit and wait for the latest updates to be released for the XBox One. Fortunately it won’t be long now, and this latest system update is already in the hands of those who enrolled in the preview program.

xbox-1200296_960_720The latest update is said to fix some of the most common problems that many XBox One players will be familiar with. One of the most reported issues concerns player game titles. While they were being stored in the relevant libraries, they were not displaying properly, the cause of much frustration for many gamers.

Another issue was managing installations. The update will apparently address this annoying problem, as well as removing some of the other bugs identified in the system. Another major bug that caused a lot of controller throwing and cursing, was an issue with the tournament’s feature. This too will be rectified with the latest update – allowing gamers around the world to breathe easy, and play to their heart’s content.

While the positive aspects of the XBox One really do negate the bugs and the flaws, those who own this spectacular gaming platform will be thrilled to hear that many of the current issues are going to be fixed. They’re bound to be waiting with bated breath for its release. It was certainly frustrating for some console owners to see games that were not installed show up as if they were.

For the vast majority of gamers, “the tournaments bug” fix will come as the biggest relief. It was often a big disappointment for avid gamers to try and join a tournament with no success. After all, this feature makes up at least half the fun to be had on the XBox One.