Most homeowners are on the look out for any type of gadget or device that is going to save them money. There are plenty such devices on offer these days, though the idea of replacing something that is old but still usable, with something new and unknown – despite the fact that it might save them money – holds a lot of people back.

hydraoOne area where money is literally washed down the drain is shower usage. It’s increasingly common for people to take longer than necessary in the shower. This increases the cost of water consumption for those that have to pay for their water, plus the electricity to keep the hot water tank filling and functioning.

No matter how often one makes up their mind to be more astute at cutting back at shower time, or reminding the family to do the same, it’s something that is rarely adhered to. Most think that they have reduced their shower time, though they have no way of gauging it. “Smart and Blue”, a French Company, have created an innovative solution to this problem, and one that is most impressive.

The “Hydrao” shower head range is decked out with LED lights. These lights change color during the duration of the shower. Beginning with green, the lights then turn to purple and finally shine red – a clear indicator that the shower has been running for a lengthy period of time. This acts as a reminder as to when enough is enough. An additional feature enables the shower to be turned on remotely, making sure it is ready to step into as soon as the user is ready.

This really is a great reminder for the teens or those who tend to have lengthy showers. It works fantastically for little ones who are taking the big step from baths to showers. Many kids find the lights intriguing and a real novelty, turning shower time into fun time.